Rising 5’sTo give children water confidence. Emphasis on fun, nursery rhymes & games. Leading to badges Duckling 1 – 4
Beginners (close to 5th birthday)
Beginners5 metres without stopping. Front or back. Badges – 5 metres or appropriate Duckling.
Beginners Plus (if 5m front OR back)
Beginners Plus10 metres swim on front or back or both.On front – face in to blow & face out to breathe. In and out of depth in preparation for next group.
Improver 1 (if 10m front & back)
Improver 115 metres on front or back or both. Done from the deep end along the wall. On front – regular breathing preferably to the side. On back – toes breaking the surface of the water. Over water arm action for both.
Improver 2 (if 15m front & back)
Improver 225 metres – Can be on front or back. Front – regular breathing to the side. Back – correct timing of the arm action.
25m stay Improver 2
50 metres of two strokes (one front, one back). Swim must be strong and fluent.
50m – Improver 3
Improver 3100 metres – To include all 3 strokes swam confidently with effective technique.
100m stay Improver 3
200 metres – 50 metres of all 3 strokes & 50 metres of best stroke. Swimming must be strong.
200m – Improver Plus
Improver Plus400 metres. 100 metres of all 3 strokes plus 100 metres of choice stroke. Swimming should show stamina and consistency.
Stay Improver Plus
Bronze Challenge.

600 metres
Advanced800 metres. Must be completed within lesson time of 30 minutes. Silver Challenge. Gold Challenge. School Speed Awards (bronze, silver, gold)
Stay Advanced

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Thank you so much for an amazing two weeks for both boys on the intensives. They improved enormously in confidence and ability. Your instructors were so gentle (yet firm!)

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